Ondeh Ondeh

On sunday, i was at my boyfriend’s aunt’s place for dinner. I call her Auntie Christine. She’s an awesome cook/baker! She let me take a look at the many cookbooks she had. Then i chanced upon a book about Nyonya Kuehs & Desserts.

Have never made anything of this sort before (I mostly bake if you notice). I love to eat them though hahahaha, so i was rather keen to try it out. She graciously lent the book to me 🙂

Here’s my first attempt of Ondeh Ondeh for you guys!

I decided to post up another recipe instead, because of copyright terms, don’t wanna get into trouble you know haha. Plus no one has posted up this recipe yet :S But i’ll show you guys the method 🙂

Anyhow i found a recipe that you guys may wanna try out!

Ondeh Ondeh (Makes about 50)
Recipe adapted from
Cookies & Raisins

350g glutinous rice flour
250g sweet potatoes
3 tablespoon pandan juice
200g gula malaka (cut into small pieces) – Otherwise known as palm sugar
1 packet dried coconut flakes (or freshly grated coconut)

I’ll be showing you some stuff that i did differently from the recipe above!

Steam the potatoes for about 15mins or until cooked. Then remove the skin and mash while still warm. Set aside.

Get some pandan leaves! Otherwise known as screw pine leaves. We grow these at home 😉 Pretty eh?

I put my grated coconut over some cut up pandan and steamed it for 10 minutes. It gives the coconut a really fragrant oomph to it. Set aside to cool.

To make your pandan juice, cut your washed pandan leaves into smaller pieces and put it into your blender. Put in some water and blend.

I put mine through a cheesecloth.

Lovely pandan. And no there’s no added artificial colouring 😛

Place the mashed sweet potatoes and rice flour together. Start adding the pandan juice and water until you get a soft and smooth dough. I used much more pandan juice by the way.

It was quite crumbly at first. Then i played around with it.. Added some water.

And got a nice smooth dough. I added a little bit of green colouring to exaggerate the colour a little.

Sorry i didn’t manage to take the process of wrapping the gula melaka filling. But anyway just make a disc out of your dough, place some filling in the centre and seal well. I used about 1 1/2 tsp of dough for each ondeh ondeh. I mixed a little caster sugar with my gula melaka by the way.

These are the sealed ones! Bursts of sugar goodness inside 🙂 Love the colour. Very Shrek-ish hahahaha!

Drop these into a pot of boiling water. When cooked it should float, about 2 to 3 mins.

And yes in this picture i added more boiling water because i realised i couldn’t tell if it was floating LOL.

Remove and roll it in the shredded coconut 😀


Honestly i wasn’t too happy with how the ondeh ondeh turned out. I thought that the skin wasn’t as chewy as i hoped it to be. But my grandma liked it. In fact she said it was really good. Anything grandma-approved is good. I trust my grandma’s judgement. All my grandma told me was to be more generous with the sweet potatoes next time.

Besides that, i’m really happy with how it turned out. It looked awesome, smelt awesome and tasted awesome. Please remember that the recipe i posted up isn’t the recipe i used. Please understand! But if you guys are interested, the book is titled Delicious Nyonya Kuehs & Desserts by Patricia Lee. Will post up a snapshot of the book soon. The other recipes do look really awesome too. Can’t wait to try it. Heh.

Till next time my dears 🙂


33 thoughts on “Ondeh Ondeh

    • hehe thank you ju!
      yeah. no pandan extract or whatever.
      pandan freshly grown! heh.
      i really imagined little shreks LOL.
      thanks again dear.

  1. I love anything that’s home-made: they are the best..free from all additive!

    And your kuih is delish! I can imagine myself popping 1 after another into my mouth non-stop!

    • hahahaha! what an interesting way to put it – daily greens.
      i would eat it everyday.. but.. palm sugar overload! heh.
      yeah they’re really fantastic 🙂

  2. I feel like I ought to hug you for calling it ondeh ondeh, and not *cough* oneh oneh *cough*. THANK YOU! *BIG HUGS!!!*

    Having said that, I can never resist these, and my mom always makes it during the fasting month. If your grandmama says it’s good, I’m sure they’re great!

    • heh, i know right! 😛 you’re welcome. ahahaha.
      ahh. im sure your mama’s ones are fantastic! 🙂
      haha, yeah i trust my grandma’s taste! heh.

    • heh thanks zu. love the green too!
      hmmm. my grandma got the cheesecloth from the nearby market.
      those provision stores! hope there’s one near your place!
      if you’ve problems finding them, let me know.
      i can mail a couple over 🙂

  3. Looks perfect and rrround! Ilove perfectly round ondeh ondehs! hahaha. Great blog by the way, will be following ur kitchen adventures from now on! And, i totally adore the uglier cousins of cupcakes, they’re especially scrumptious as breakfast!


    • hey vicky! yeah i LOVE ondeh ondeh too.
      thanks for dropping by and sharing your blog with me!
      absolutely love muffins and cupcakes.
      looking forward to share more with you, and learn from you too!

  4. These ondeh ondeh look perfect..Well Done! They are my favourite. I love that melted gula melaka bursting into your mouth when you bite into it….just soooo goood….mmmm

    • thank you very much mm 🙂
      love it too!
      its funny to see how people who havent eaten them before, well, eat it.
      when they bite it into half and the palm sugar just spills out! haha!

    • well now you know how to make them!
      heh you’re most welcome lorraine.
      just like how you love to share every bit of your life with us!

  5. Sounds like there is a lot of work to this recipe – but the pictures look fantastic – definitely a worthwhile effort!

  6. I love ondeh-ondeh but all my past attempts were not successful. My dough cracked and the gula melaka leaked out. Dunno why. Really admired your beautiful ondeh-ondeh. Must give ur recipe a try one day. 😉

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