Salted Caramel Macarons

My brother is coming back from Melbourne tonight! He’s been studying there for a couple of months now. He’s be back for about a month or two before he flies back. Decided to bake him a little something.

Sorry though, my dear readers. Was a last minute baking session, so i don’t have my usual step by steps! If you need the steps, do browse through the other macaron recipes in my archives! Up next.. Pictures and recipe!

Salted Caramel Macarons
Chef Pang Kok Keong’s Recipe

Macaron Shells
500g ground almond
900g icing sugar
440g egg white
120g sugar

Caramel Fleur De Sel
200g sugar
1 vanilla pod
200g cream
3.75g fleur de sel
140g butter, chilled

Do click on the link to read the instructions! Especially the salted caramel. Can be a little tricky.

Sorry about the photos too. Iphone camera quality. Heh.

Salted caramel macaron 🙂

Nom nom nom.

Got to love the saltiness to the caramel!

Packed 🙂

Brother should be home anytime soon! Hopefully he’ll like it :S


36 thoughts on “Salted Caramel Macarons

  1. So sweet lah, you! You are really a master at macaron-making … so effortless, and perfect every time! The fact that you chose to make them for your last minute bake is proof of that. Who else would DARE to make macarons on the spur of the moment?! Certainly not me! I would have to consult the almanac before I attempt baking this infamously temperamental pastry. LOLOLOL!

    • no lah! not master omg. i still fail you know! sometimes half my macaron batch crack and stuff. takes a little luck for me =P thanks for the compliment anyway ju. heehee. you just got to take a deep breath and try it out! there’s always a first time. be it successful or if it fails! waiting for that macaron post of yours ju! 🙂

  2. Welcome home to your brother! He’s going to love these!
    I adore fleur de sel with caramel…and chocolate. When my daughter is home, she sprinkles it her salads.

    • haha hopefully! thanks 🙂
      love it too! only heard of it when i tried salted caramel..
      other than that, havent tried it in anything else!
      heh, got to try them in salads then, sounds great.

  3. Hey Felicia,

    I love your blog! 🙂

    I have a question: How much did you get your lovely red KitchenAid for? I’ve been meaning to get one but I don’t know where I should start looking for them!

    Thanks in advance.


    • hi L! aww thanks! great to know that 🙂
      ahh. i got it for my 18th birthday. dont know how much exactly..
      but if im not wrong its thereabouts SGD800.
      you’re most welcome dear!

    • its no talent dear! if only you got to see my first few attempts..
      at least meringue cookies are nice!
      mine were like.. almond rocks 😛
      try and try again dear. you’ll get there!

  4. Hi!

    I want to bake macarons too! But do not have any electric mixer… 😦 is it possible to achieve them using ‘manual’ mixing?


    • ahh yes of course but it’ll take a while before you get the soft peaks of the egg whites! havent tried yet but it should work fine 🙂 is really tiring though 😛 awesome workout!

  5. Hey Felicia, just wondering, what do you do with the remaining egg yolks? Any good recipes? 😀

    Also, have you tried macaron recipes that call for icing sugar and almond meal in a 1:1 ratio? Know if it works?

    • Hi dear. I use the remaining egg yolks for custards, puddings and hollandaise sauce. So far I’ve only blogged about one recipe for egg yolks I think? Check out the creme brulee post 🙂

      I’ve seen a few recipes like that but haven’t tried. Maybe I’ll do a post on that one day!

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