Bomb Alaska

Bomb alaska! Okay wait before you accuse me of anything, i’m no terrorist. I’m just a 19 year old who just wants to use her blowtorch. So this is what i made 🙂

One, scoop your favourite icecream on your favourite spongecake/buttercake 🙂 I had vanilla/tiramisu icecream!

Two, make your italian meringue.

Three, pipe the meringue with a star tip all over!

Four, torch it 🙂

Five, admire it/take pictures while you can, before the icecream melts 😛 Serve (almost) immediately. Hahahahaha.

Enjoy! Heehee.

This reminds me of a durian. Like Singapore’s Esplanade! Heh. Really quick and fun to make.

Sigh, school tomorrow. Monday blues are kicking in already. On a lighter note, dad’s getting me an iphone tomorrow 😀

31 thoughts on “Bomb Alaska

    • haha yeah it is! felt so happy while torching it.
      watching the colours change 🙂 heh.
      get yourself one for christmas! hehe.

    • haha thanks ellie.
      cant wait to see your post when you get your blowtorch!
      im sure whoever your santa is this year, will get you one! heheh.

    • hahahaha you’re so cute zu! 😛
      thanks dear.
      hehe. yes esp when you get to choose which icecream you like best to use! 🙂

  1. hey! I’ve been reading your blog and you got me started on making macaroons! I’ve attempted it SEVEN TIMES so far and it always turn out flat and cookie-like and I didn’t mix it too much to ensure that I don’t overmix! Any tips? I wld love to hear from you!

  2. hi there. I’ve been reading your blog and you’ve got me started on macaroons! So far I’ve attempted it SEVEN TIMES and they all turn out flat and cookie-like. I didn’t mix it alot of ensure that I don’t overmix it. Any tips? I would love to hear from you! 🙂

    • hey mel 🙂
      thanks for reading! hmmm.
      there are many things that can cause macarons to fail.
      even sometimes now for me, i get bad macs too!
      overmixing is one thing.. but its bad to undermix it as well.
      i should say dont worry too much about the mixing.
      as long as its well incorporated, flows like magma and is shiny, all’s well!
      after piping, try hitting the tray on your work space.
      it’ll give it a nicer shape and get any air bubbles out before it sets.

    • you’re most welcome 🙂
      those are only a few possibilities though.
      do feel free to drop me comments/emails. glad to help!
      looking forward to receiving your good news 🙂

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