Creme Brulee

What do you do when you got an awesome new kitchen torch? Make creme brulee of course! 🙂

Okay fine, it’s not exactly new. This was what happened.. I bought my torch almost a year ago (I think!) but didn’t realize the torch didn’t come with the butane. Omg, so silly right. When i got home i was whining to myself non stop, but never really did anything about it.. Until yesterday 😀

And you have to love this recipe because it uses egg yolks. I’m sure at many times you’re wondering what you’re gonna do with all that egg yolks after you’ve made your macarons or meringue right? Perfect solution for you 🙂 Moving on..

Creme Brulee
Recipe from

2 1/2 cups heavy cream
4 egg yolks
1/4 cup sugar
Vanilla, pods or essence (though not stated in recipe on the webbie!)

I’ll be typing my own set of instructions btw!

Egg yolks!

Beat it with the sugar until pale, about 2 to 3 minutes.

Heat the heaven cream and split vanilla pods in a saucepan. Bring barely to a simmer. Don’t boil it. Remove the pods! The little vanilla specks should be in the cream already 🙂

Strain to remove any lumps and bubbles! More important to do so before putting it into the ramekins though.

Pour the hot heavy cream into the egg yolk mixture while mixing. Do this slowly to tamper the egg mixture.

Return the mixture to the saucepan and heat on low. Keep stirring and scraping the sides. Continue to heat until the mixture thickens slightly, just slightly!

Strain the custard into your ramkeins (sad i only have 3!) and then into a water bath.

Some recipes don’t call for baking. But most do, i guess because it’s more firm that way! Anyway, I baked them in the water bath for 30 mins at 145C!

After baking 🙂 Neat huh! Was really excited at this point. Cos it looked awesome already. Plus the very slight jiggle to it.

Now chill it 🙂 Only do the torching (or if you don’t have a torch, broil) right before serving!

When chilled and right before serving, sprinkle some sugar on top and torch! Broiling works just as well. Just that your creme brulee will be less cold. Haha. First time using the torch, it was quite exciting!

Mmmm. Getting there 😉 Love the crackling sound and the smell of the caramelization!

Ahhhh. Satisfied even before i dug into it.

The Clink Test 🙂 It’s literally a clink sound i swear.

It’s like breaking through a thin piece of ice! Love the sound to the max. Heh. My sister loved the taste. But she said the insides werent firm enough. So i guess the next time i make these i’ll bake them at a slightly lower temperature at a longer duration.

Yay. Officially madly in love with creme brulee.

18 thoughts on “Creme Brulee

  1. Saw your post just as I was about to log off 🙂 Wow, creme brulee from your own kitchen! Well done! Altho, I have to say, I will be a lil freaked out using a torch. Heh. You do it so fearlessly! That’s why you have creme brulee and I don’t. LOL.

    • no actually i was really really nervous!
      but omg when the sugar was caramelizing, i was in heaven.
      creme brulee heaven! hahahaha!
      you should get one you know. awesome for presentation.
      haha thanks!

  2. oh man i tried to make creme brulee a few wks ago but failed 😦 possibly cos i have ac rap heating element oven
    or i didnt fill it up enough (the water bath)

    it was still nice though. except it was choclatey/runny haha not how creme brulee is meant to be

    • hey betty. ahh its alright, we all have our bad days dont we.
      not sure about the oven. but filling the water bath halfway up is enough!
      yeah. tastes awesome yeah 🙂

    • thanks! heh. but why!
      you should get it. it really comes in handy 🙂
      though its a little scary to use at first.
      but great fun!

    • heyhey! thank you 🙂 heh you should try!
      though it was quite intimidating at first.
      was really paranoid where i should store my torch hahahaha!
      was thinking of a key lime tart!
      torched meringue top. mmmm!

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