Green Tea Macarons With Chunky Red Bean Paste

Made this last weekend for a friend!


For Macaron Shells:
3 egg whites
50g granulated sugar
200g icing sugar
110g ground almonds
2 tablespoons (or more if you’re like me :P) green tea powder


Ground almonds, icing sugar and green tea powder! Looks like a green tea mountain. Haha, i sifted them together.


Whipped the egg whites with the sugar until you get soft peaks.


Fold your dry ingredients into your egg whites. I mixed it in half at a time so its easier! When you get a a shiny, slow moving batter, stop mixing.


Pipe it onto your parchment paper.


Shiny 😀 Bake at 150C for 12 to 14 mins.


I filled my macarons with chunky red bean paste.


Packed and ready to go! 😉

If you guys realised, there’s a slight difference in my piping of macaron shells. Maybe not that obvious in the photos though. But its because i lost my piping tip 😦 I don’t know how! Maybe its tired of me making so many macarons it decided to run away. Hahaha. Too bad for it, i got myself a new piping tip two days ago. Plus a silpat mat to make myself feel better 😀 Now i can’t wait to bake my next batch of macarons! Heheh.

And school’s in! Only the second week of school but i’m totally drained out. It’s gonna be a crazy semester!


36 thoughts on “Green Tea Macarons With Chunky Red Bean Paste

  1. Oh wow, you make your own red bean paste! I love how uniformed your macarons look. Your friends must be so lucky to have you bring over macarons all the time! Can I be your friend….? *bats eyelashes* Hehe.

    Best of luck with the new sem!

    • yes cos the pre-packed ones are usually too sweet for most people!
      thank you 🙂 heh you’re my online blog friend! 😛
      maybe one day we could meet up to bake together with other bloggers! 🙂
      idea? heh.

  2. Oh, you little Macaron Princess! How do you do it?? I almost imagine you punching the buttons of a macaron machine (colour, flavour, filling) and voila! These perfect macarons miraculously appear. Problem is, now everybody wants to be your friend 🙂 Heh heh. Love that pic of that green tea mountain, BTW!

    • ah macaron princess! hahaha, i like the sound of that!
      you’ve such a vivid imagination my dear 🙂
      if only there’s such a machine, i dont mind getting one!
      so now am i that machine? 😛
      thank you! heehee.

  3. I am very inspired by your macarons and have tried the recipe but it didn’t work ( no pretty feet!). When baking in oven – is the fan on or not?

    You have inspired me to try again

    • *blush* hahahaha ellie! flattering 😛
      i would dream of being one though. hahaha!
      not that good, heh.
      thanks for the compliment though.
      and yes azuki bean paste 😀

  4. Macarons are so IN. Just wonderful to flavor it with green tea. I made green tea/red bean cookies just last week. I was a bit to ‘kiasu’ & added extra green tea and the taste was pretty strong.

    • haha yes! everyone is making macarons 😛
      hugeee green tea fan!
      i’m ALWAYS kiasu anyway. hahaha!
      gimme anything overly green tea, i’ll still love it!
      tried cookies once, epic fail.
      you should share the recipe! heehee.

    • your second time looked quite close!
      maybe one day soon i’ll try another recipe and post it up.
      maybe that’ll work better for you 🙂

      • aww. thanks felicia (: my friend’s given me another recipe. i might give that a try to see. maybe try a basic one before doing the black sesame one! hehe im not giving up for sure!

      • haha yup. try chocolate ones first maybe?
        i took at least 4 or 5 times before getting it right!
        good luck 🙂

  5. Hi Felicia, I hv tried this receipe for the 2nd time and failed both times. The macarons simply refused to rise!!! I hv followed your receipes closely. Argggg… Errrr…. when will u be making macarons again? Can you show me when you are making them? Thanks.

    • hi dear! mmm. i have had quite a few people try this recipe!
      some worked for them.. some didn’t.
      probably will try another recipe and post it up.
      because with my matcha.. it can be a little inconsistent.
      i’ll try asap! quite busy with school but do keep checking!
      i’ll try my best 🙂
      do check out ellie at ‘almost bourdain!’
      she had a very successful first (and subsequent) attempts! 🙂
      thanks for dropping by, May!

  6. Allo Felicia,

    Love your site and pics of your food always make me hungry! My 3rd attempt making macarons and sigh….they’ve been macawrongs the 1st two times and now that I’m waiting for them to form a skin, thinking they’re not going to make attempt 3 either….

    What on earth am I doing wrong??? First time I got crooked feet, but feet nonetheless; second time got flat, ugly tedious looking almond meringue flakes that were chewy (!!!) and now the third time I have a feeling they will explode on me because I know I’ve piped air bubbles but no matter how hard I rap the pan on the counter, the bubbles won’t come out!!!

    what to do??

    • hi yuki!

      hehe thanks! glad you like reading my blog 🙂 ahh. dont be discouraged! i took many tries before i got mine right. not sure about crooked feet but i guess the flatness could be overmixing. thats why it got runny and spread out flat.

      oh and a tip about the air bubbles.. you might wanna tap the bottom of the tray a couple of times to hit the air bubbles out and poke the bubbles with a toothpick too. that helps! not sure where you stay but if its humid whether.. airconditioning does help the skin form much better. for me, i don’t have an airconditioned kitchen so i usually bring it up to my room to dry before baking 😛

      many factors that couldve led to those flaws. but you should get it soon 😉 hope that i’ve been of help. do drop me another comment/email if you need help! 🙂

      • Hello Felicia!!

        Thanks for the pointers!! As I finished the batch, I ended up with only 6 semi-presentable macs…sigh…I will keep trying! At least I got some feet. If only they weren’t so sweet, I would eat all the maca-wrongs. Once I get someone nice enough to finish them all, I will attempt it again! No SHAME!!

        Round 4 here I come!!!

      • Keep trying 🙂 you’ll succeed soon! Mine Very first batch were hard as rock 😛 but after a couple of tries I did it. You can too!

  7. Felicia dear, I think I’ve succeeded!!!

    Since I’m so sick of the green tea flavour now, I followed your black sesame flavoured recipe…waaaaakakakakakakaka, it tastes soooo yummy and looks good too!!

    Thanks so much for your support and tips! I will keep making them just in case the recent batch was a fluke..hehe…

    Will keep following your blog for your wonderful cooking experiences!!

    • 🙂 great! Happy that I helped yet another baker overcome the macaron phobia. Do experiment with many other flavours! Thanks for following 😀

  8. I love the desserts you made. I like how creative you are using earl gray tea for macaroons. two thumbs UP! I am hooked by all the fancy cakes you made as well. =]

    Please visit my fiance’s website if you like fine Chinese food. Thanks!

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