Black Forest Macarons

We are going to war. That’s right. War. What war? A macaron war! Get ready.. Get set.. Let’s go!


Ground almonds, icing sugar & coffee powder, ARE YOU READY?!


Egg whites ARE YOU READY?! Now BEAT IT! (LOL)


Okay, ready!


Dry & wet ingredients, fall in together! Get moving people, flow flow flow!


Macaron soldiers, line up!


Prepare your armour! Chocolate & cream!




Looks like we're ready for war.


This is my cousin, assisting us with today's war.

She says “Are you taking a picture for your blog? Okay okay okay!”


Load up soldiers!


Got your ammo? Alright guys, Chargeeeeeee!




The war had a tragic end. All the macaron soldiers bled, and died.

HAHA okay, i know i’m being lame. Hahahaha. Anyway. I used the same recipe! Just that i replaced the cocoa powder with instant coffee powder which is food processed, because they are rather coarse! I brushed the insides of the shells with rum. Other that the maraschino cherry in the middle, rum and the coffee powder, everything is the same!

So far, i had all good reviews 😀 You guys have fun okay! I will try to keep up with my baking. Because school reopens this week 😦 And.. I’m falling sick, again. Ah bugger.


27 thoughts on “Black Forest Macarons

    • hahahah! i thought of the macaron war thing when i was baking 😛
      heehee. thank you little teochew. i await the day you post up a macaron entry!

    • welcome to the club, ellie.
      the macaron addicts. once you get it right, you cant stop! 😛
      thank you btw. hahaha.
      will be looking forward to another one of your macaron posts!

  1. I came here thanks to bakebakebake LJ comm =)

    I was just making a large researche on making macarons, ’cause I’m going to do my first atempt with them this weekend >.< I'm preparing myself to fail xD no, no, I'm thinking everything would be ok, hoping that my thoughts came true xD

    I'm so nervous!! And your balck forest macarons look delicious! I'm not making them this time, since I have all chances of failling XD but once I bake perfect macarons I will surely try it.

    • hey lianne! don’t be jealous..
      you’ll get it soon enough.
      i’d be the one envying you the next time 😉
      don’t stop trying!
      let me know if you get back to singapore,
      maybe we could bake tgt! 😛

    • that sounds good! (: Will let you know. and i will definitely not stop trying! haha (:
      will try again next week. I reckon my almond meal is not fine enough. haha trying all options!

  2. I have just started making macarons. I love the process and the challenge. Nice post. You made some gorgeous black forest ones. mmmm. Thanks for your commments about my flavour tripping post. I have a few miracle frooties left and I can send it on to you. Just email me.

    • aww katherine. you’re the best!
      emailed you already 😀
      yes macarons are probably one of the bakes that gives me the greatest satisfaction!
      can’t wait to receive the frooties and your posts on macarons 😉

  3. What a cute post! And a great idea for macarons too, though I’d probably blaspheme and go for a raspberry in the middle, since I’m not big on cherries 😛 Oh, and your cousin looks too happy for a war! 😀

    • not a cherry fan either 😦 i only like dark cherries!
      but those cherries make them blackforest 😛
      heh yeah raspberry! ispahan next time, maybe 🙂
      heehee yes, and im sure many would be happy for this war too!

    • hahahaha it really reminded me of a war when i was baking!
      so i decided to share it 😛 you’re most welcome zurin 🙂

    • not a fan of those cherries unless they’re in a blackforest combo!
      heh. thank you on her behalf! will let her know 🙂

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