Flipping through ‘Baking with Julia’ this afternoon, i couldnt decide what to bake! Until one picture caught my eye. A popover! Honestly, i’ve never heard of, seen, or tasted a popover before. But it looked so interesting!

Especially when i looked at the ingredients. Just flour, eggs, milk, salt and butter, can make something like that? It’s too simple to be true. But well, it is!


(Recipe from Baking with Julia)

1 cup all purpose flour
1 cup whole milk or 2% milk, at room temperature
1/2 tsp salt
3 eggs, at room temperature
2 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted

Well.. instructions are just to put everything together! How simple is that? You can use a blender, food processor, stand mixer or by hand. Your choice! I used my kitchenaid 🙂

Pictures are just for fun. You don’t have to follow this order!


Dry ingredients flour and salt.


Melted butter! You can never have enough butter 😛 Okay kidding. Not in this case!




And milk!

Your batter may be lumpy. If it is, simply sieve the batter! I was surprised at the batter. It was wayyyyy thinner than i expected to be. Something like a crepe batter consistency.

You can pour your batter into greased muffin tins.. cups.. anything you like! Made me 11 popovers!


I filled these pleated souffle cups. About halfway. Needs some space to pop! I was kind of nervous at this point – right before putting it into the oven.

The batter was that thin! It got me really really worried. I don’t popovers, not plopovers!

Bake at 425F for 25 mins, oven door closed. No cheating! You won’t regret this 😉


Just couple of minutes into baking, look what i saw! It was like a pregnant woman, about to pop! Hahaha. The right corner of my oven is warmer than the rest. Thats why it “premature” 😛

After 25 mins, it should have popped and nicely browned. Now lower the temperature to 350F and bake for another 15 to 20 mins to dry out the insides.


Tah dah! Popovers 🙂


Look! It’s a chef hat 😀


Love how the insides look.

My first bake from my new book is a success! It’s so simple and fast to make, you can always make some for breakfast. Drizzle some honey over, or sprinkle some icing sugar or melt some cheese over! The possibilities are endless.

I think i would bake it in a taller cup next time! Then it’ll look prettier like the one in the book. Heh. Have fun popping guys 😉

37 thoughts on “Popovers

  1. Popovers are delicious! Been making them for years….and actually have an old recipe that starts them in a cold oven. Works too! Nothing is better dripping with butter and honey or a strawberry butter the way Neiman’s serves them. Best thing about having a Neiman Marcus nearby- lunch. And they serve huge hot popovers the second you sit down.

    • yes they are absolutely yummy!
      heh its the first time im ever making/tasting/seeing one!
      mm heard of neiman marcus,
      too bad there isnt one here in singapore! 😦

    • aww thank you dear 🙂
      well do try out julie’s recipe then.
      worked out for me for the first time,
      it’ll work for you too i bet 😉

    • heehee thank you!
      its rather easy to get them here in singapore.
      i usually bake my cupcakes in them.
      yeah i agree 🙂
      absolutely amazed at what these simple ingredients can do.

  2. Hi Felicia,

    I have some question regarding macarons but can’t find your email address on your blog. I made another batch of macarons using your recipe and they have perfect feet in the oven but as soon as I removed them from the oven, all the feet sank and disappeared. do you know why this is happenning? Do you mind to send me an email at almostbourdain@gmail.com? Thanks!!


    • hi ellie. i’ll drop you an email soon! 🙂
      yeah the cookbook is pretty awesome. heh.
      it isnt entirely paper! the insides are like greaseproof 🙂

  3. thanks for “popping” over to my place….so i could see your place :). Your pop overs came out beautifully. I’ve made them once before, little mini ones. I stuffed mine with strawberries and brie. They’re a lot like yorkshire pudding. YUM

    • haha you don’t have to stick to using a popover pan!
      though its awesome cos its skinny and tall,
      makes its really pretty! thank you 😉
      looking forward to your attempt at popovers!

    • yes!
      its like the kind of ingredients you’d find in a crepe recipe or something.
      but it turned out amazing. and you’re most welcome!

    • hmmm, maybe because i’ve never heard of popovers and its bungles!
      thats why i wasnt scared and went on ahead.
      you should try it then! 🙂 and thanks grace!

  4. I’m completely in awe of your recipe plus the photos!
    Just one quick question:
    Are they best eaten warm or can they be kept for a while?
    Thinking of including them for a morning tea party!

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