It’s been more than a week since i updated! It’s the school break now and it’ll be a few weeks before i’m back in school. Probably bake more!

By the way.. Is it me or are my pictures like pixelated? Anyone having the same problem? Noooooooooo WordPress don’t screw up on me 😦

That aside (hopefully you guys can see my pictures clearly!) I was flipping through Baking From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan today. Because i just had to bake something! And Kugelhopf caught my eye. Both the picture and the name. Don’t you think Kugelhopf sounds very.. Harry Potter? Fine. It just kinda sounds like Hufflepuff hahahaha. But that was the first thing that came to mind.


From the book, it looked like a chiffon cake and raisin bread at the same time, but had a funny name which i never heard of. I started to make this when my stepmom walked in and asked what i was making. So i showed her the recipe in my book. She explained to me that it’s a german cake. And she had a little difficulty in describing the texture. I googled this cake and she was right. It is german! Something german, how apt for this time of the year, Oktober Fest!

Continued to read my book and realised why it was so hard to describe the texture. It’s part cake, part bread! Full extract of the Kugelhopf recipe from the book is found here.


Dissolve the yeast in warm milk.


Stirring in with a wooden spoon!


Added the flour and salt.


Then the eggs. Looks really gross here i know. But before this step.. Dorie mentioned

Add the flour and salt and stir just to moisten the flourβ€”don’t be concerned, the mixture will be shaggy and there may be dry patches.

So i’m pretty sure by adding the eggs won’t make it look any better. Hahaha!


Start using the hook attachment. Mix on low and add in the sugar!


I got this really special.. mixture. It’s something i haven’t seen before? Was skeptical about it at first. Let me think of how to describe it to you. It’s like a really really sticky muffin batter. Or you can say it’s kinda like.. a pour-able dough! Yeah that’s it.

It does make sense, though. Since Kugelhopf is part cake, part dough, right? So it makes absolute sense that it’s a “doughy cake batter.”


And Dorie mentioned to stir in the plumped up raisins. Yes, stir. So this texture couldn’t be wrong.


Left to rise.


Had to deflate and rise quite a few times!


Didn’t have a Kugelhopf pan. But a bundt pan was close/good enough! Though i should really get a proper Kugelhopf pan soon, also because it’s sooooo pretty! Love the pattern. Heh. Left to rise, again.


It gobbled my raisins up! 😦 The next time i make this, i’m going to put the raisins in later! Because they sunkkkkk! Baked at 190C for a total of 25 mins. It was quite a big pan so it wasn’t as tall as Dorie’s.


Dust with some icing sugar.


And ready to be served! It’s crisp on the outside. So it’s awesome with coffee, perfect for breakfast πŸ™‚


Not quite how it looks like on Dorie’s book. But it’s pretty darn good! I did check out other baker’s attempt on Kugelhopf by Dorie Greenspan. You guys can check it out too. Some failed, some were awesome. Their doughs seem more solid than mine! And i think it would’ve made a huge difference if i left my dough overnight in the fridge! But i was too excited, as usual πŸ˜›

Then again, she stated that if you have the time, let the dough rest in the refrigerator overnight. So.. it didnt seem to me that it was that important. So i skipped that step. Hahaha. Shouldve been more patient and waited till tomorrow and bake it fresh for breakfast! Oh well, brilliant recipe anyhow.

Really quite different from what i usually bake. Kinda reminds me of brioche? But stickier and softer, not as rich.

Ahh. What’s next on the bake list Felicia?!

6 thoughts on “Kugelhopf

    • yeah thats what i thought at first too.
      so i just HAD to give it a go. heh.
      students? hahaha i wish!
      when i grow up i wanna hold baking classes and open my own cafe!
      ahh but i would love to give my readers samples!
      and i would absolutely love to receive samples from you my dear πŸ˜‰

    • thanks grace!
      indeed a crunchy outside.
      but i was a bit disappointed with the insides.
      because it looks softer in the book!
      tempted to make this again until i get this right!

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