Black Chocolate Cake

Hello my dearies 🙂 Sorry for the lack of updates! Tomorrow marks the start of my exams. I made cake 2 days back for a gathering at my girlfriend’s place. This was really really last minute! Made it that very afternoon and brought it over in the evening. That explains why i only used dark chocolate instead of both dark and white!

I just had to bake despite time constraints. Since my friends love me for my cakes and desserts. No Felicia = No cakes & desserts. Plus i don’t want to disappoint them since it’s been so long since we all met!

Presenting to you Dorie Greenspan’s Baking From My Home to Yours, Black & White Chocolate Cake! Heh. Please do carry on with the white chocolate step! Though i must say just dark chocolate alone is awesome 🙂



Not so awesome layers though 😛 Was rushing for my driving lessons before my test the next day. And by the way, i passed by test and got my driving license! 😀


Sift the dry ingredients together.


Cream the butter.


Add sugar and cream further.


Add the eggs in one by one. Don’t worry about the curdling!


If you know me well enough, you should know i used vanilla beans instead of extract 🙂 Big fan of vanilla pods!


Alternate the buttermilk and dry ingredients in.


Instructions said to put in two 9 x 2 inch springform pans. I just put mine in one 8 inch springform. Hahaha. Should have listened to Dorie! Pop it in the oven at 350F for 28 to 30 mins, rotating halfway.

That is if you’re using 2 pans! If you’re lazy and stubborn like me, not following instructions, you’d definitely have to bake it longer at a slightly lower temperature.


Start making the chocolate cream. The milk mixture, heating!


It’ll start thickening up just like a custard! Sorry this picture doesn’t really show it.


Tah dah! It’s really important to use a decent chocolate okay! It makes a whole lot of difference to the cake.


By far, to me at least, this is the easiest cake so slice and layer 🙂 Rushed through it though. Was panicking cos i was gonna be late!


Stack and cover!


Presentation wise not good, but it’s definitely on my bake-again list! Next time of course, i’ll put all my heart and soul into this, layering nicely and making both chocolates 🙂

And i’m really new to layering cakes! So it’ll take me much practice. Don’t mind the ugly layers okay? 😦

Love Dorie Greenspan’s book! Very detailed instructions. Take a look at the detailed instructions here alright! 🙂 And please do not skip the white chocolate part. I’m sure it’ll be 10 times more awesome than it already is! My friends thoroughly enjoyed this cake despite it looking so untidy. Heh. Happy baking my dears 😀


12 thoughts on “Black Chocolate Cake

    • really need more practice with the layering!
      and more time of course. thanks dear 🙂
      thinking of the prawn fritters now, making me hunry 😛

    • hello dear! haha really?
      thought the layers looked really bad!
      i dont worry about how people think about how it tastes.
      because if they know dorie greenspan,
      theyd know its awesome 🙂
      thanks btw!

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