Project : 21

Am asked by my friend Andrea, to bake her 21st birthday cake for her party this Sunday. She isn’t gonna have a theme to it, and was told i could just use my imagination and make anything i want. I was kinda excited because of the endless possibilities. But at the same time, i’m very stressed and nervous. Because its THE 21st. Its a really big things, i really want everyone to remember that cake. I didn’t want to make the typical ‘key’ you know. Hahaha!

I’ll be spending the next 2 days preparing for this cake. I somehow think i’m too ambitious. You’d probably think i’m crazy too. Played around with fondant today. Just to prepare a few things before i actually make the cake. Here’s a little teaser 😉


Am very very excited.. .. And very very scared. Hopefully this turns out as awesome as i imagine it to be! Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Project : 21

    • am very very nervous about the end result!
      hahaha will be done tomorrow.
      thanks dear 🙂 hopefully it’ll turn out nice. haha.

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