Red Bean Paste

Hello! I made red bean paste earlier today to prepare for tomorrow’s bake! 🙂


If you think store-bought ones are too sweet or not to your liking.. Why not make your own?

First.. Put 1 cup of red beans into a saucepan with 2 cups of water and bring to a boil.

Then strain the beans. Return the beans into the saucepan and add about 4 cups of water and bring to a boil again. This time, boil it for about 1.5 hours or until tender. There should be a little water left. Be careful not to let them burn! Do not pour away the water. Strain the red beans into a bowl and push them through a sieve.


You should have the skin left in the strainer. If you want some texture (or depending on what you’re gonna make..) add some of the skin/whole grains in. I must admit this takes quite some energy! It’s a good workout 😛 I think a spoon works best to push them through.

Return the mashed red bean to the saucepan. If too dry, add some water..


Add enough sugar to your liking and stir over heat to dissolve the sugar. I added about half a cup of sugar.


If its too wet after then, put it in cheesecloth bag and squeeze the excess water out. Again, depending on what you’re baking (and how wet or dry you want your paste..), squeeze water out accordingly.


And store in a airtight container! You can always add water and cook again if you think its too dry the next time you wanna use it 🙂

This recipe is really simple and useful! Awesome for fillings. And goes well with matcha icecream. Stay tuned for my next entry using this red bean paste!


5 thoughts on “Red Bean Paste

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  2. Love it how you make you own. I agree that the store bought ones tend to be too sweet. I would only make this loaf and not buy from the store because I want to customize the taste and reduce the sugar level.

    • no idea really. probably because it’s flavour is easier to match? and it’s a common combination with matcha. not sure what green beans go with in cakes!

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