Matcha Red Bean Loaf

For those who know how much i adore matcha and red bean put together, you guys should’ve had a rough idea of what i was gonna make. Something with matcha of course!


Matcha and red bean bread loaf 🙂

Recipe adapted from this website! It’s in chinese though. I used the language translator on google to help me 😛 Here is the converted one!

25g sugar
5g salt
250g bread flour
4g Instant yeast
2 teaspoons green tea powder
143g fresh milk
35g egg
38g butter (unsalted)
And some red bean paste!

First mix all the ingredients but the butter. I used the hook attachment to knead for about 15 mins.


Add the butter cubes in

I cubed the butter and added them in. After incorporated, i placed it on my floured working surface and kneaded by hand for about 15 mins.



Transfer it to a well greased bowl, cover with plastic wrap and let it proof for about an hour till it doubles its size.



Transfer the dough to your floured working surface and punch the air out.


Roll it out!

Here’s the fun part. Roll your dough out.


Yummy red bean paste 🙂

Spread the red bean paste on your dough. Any way you want! You can do it the Swiss roll way too. Spreading it all over then roll 🙂 Remember to seal the red bean paste in though. You dont waste them to burst out!


Wrapping it in and sealing it!

The one BIG mistake i made was.. to be lazy. Hahahaha really! I didn’t bother rolling it up nicely or making more folds than i did. I just made one fold and put it in the bread tin. Check the results later and you’ll see what i mean HAHA.



Place it in a well greased bread tin, cover and let it proof for the second time for an hour.



Bake at 180C for about 30 to 35 mins.


Fresh out of the oven 😉

It should brown nicely! With a tinge of green 🙂


Just slice & serve!

Looks like a normal loaf yes? Not till you slice it!


See what my laziness has led me to? Only a single swirl of red bean LOL. Besides that.. It was awesome. So there’s a few things i wouldve done differently if i were to make this again.

  1. Add MUCH MORE red bean paste because its sooooo good! Really regretted not putting in more.
  2. Add a little more green tea powder because the taste was almost non existant!
  3. And of course, more swirls! Do take a look at the bottom two pictures of my bakes in the past where i actually put in effort to do the swirls.


Bread texture was great. Springy and soft.



Sorry for bad pictures below! I didn’t have a camera then. So it’s phone pictures 😛

Chocolate Wassants

Made these some time last year. Should’ve applied the same thing for my Matcha Red Bean Loaf. Sigh.

Chocolate Failed-To-Marble Loaf LOL

Or at least it would have looked slightly better!

Oh well.. But who cares for now when you have yummy bread to eat for breakfast tomorrow? 😀

So yes, moral of the story.. DONT BE LAZY LIKE ME! Hahahaha 😛


9 thoughts on “Matcha Red Bean Loaf

  1. the bread looks awesome!! for some strange reason i’m rather amused that the loaf ended up brown on the outside instead of green.

    btw, where did you buy green tea powder from? is it expensive?

    • thank you 🙂
      haha i got mine from isetan!
      dont have to get the expensive ones though.
      i use this one!

      its about 7 dollars if i remember correctly.
      phoon huat sells their own too.
      but i personally prefer the ones at isetan 🙂

  2. Hi Felicia, I’m recently hooked onto this matcha anpan baked and sold at MaMa Bakery @ Novena Square 2. It’s an authentic japanese bakery and this matcha anpan is one of their hot items, though very expensive at $2. When i chanced upon your blog and saw this matcha red bean loaf of yours, i thought of asking you if you could possibly bake those matcha anpans and sell it to me? I know I can get them from the bakery itself directly, but I also intend to request for a healthier version of the anpan, like omitting any fat and reducing the sugar used. Are you keen? Kindly let me know soon. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for sharing the detailed pics! I love these bread. In the San Jose, USA, the Taiwanese bakeries make these to sell and advertise as taiwanese bread. I’m Singaporean myself. Anyway, your pics make it seem so easy to make. It’s very encourgaging to see your pics. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the great blog!


    • hello fellow singaporean! haha glad you like it.
      hope you’ll have fun trying the recipes out!
      thanks so much for the compliments 🙂
      im a big fan of these flavours too! heh.

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