Green Tea Polo Bun

I know this is another polo bun entry within days. But.. I just had to make it! Haha, i first saw it when i was in hongkong last month. Saw it in a bakery there! After i made polo buns that day, i realised that i’d make the ones i saw in hongkong.


Green Tea Polo Buns

200g bread flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
20g sugar
4g yeast
100g warm water
20g egg
20g butter

Topping Dough
40g butter
40g sugar
40g egg
1/2 teaspoon green tea powder
120g cake flour
1/2 teaspoon baking powder

I used the starter dough method this time. Also known as the sponge. Because i noticed a better texture if you do this. Mix all the bread’s ingredients together and knead unless you’re using the starter dough method. For the starter dough method..


Starter Dough

Add half the warm water and yeast and mix until yeast is dissolved. Then add in half of the bread flour. Leave for 45 mins. This is quite a heavy and tight starter dough. Didn’t have high hopes that it’ll rise at all!


Starter dough after an hour of proofing

But it did really make a difference. Much softer after proofing. Next add the rest of the bread ingredients in and knead.


Adding the rest of the ingredients to make your bread

You should get a elastic and smooth dough like this! Transfer into a well greased bowl and cover with a moist towel or plastic wrap. Leave to proof for one hour. During this time.. Make the topping dough.


Butter + Sugar

Cream the butter and sugar well together.


Matcha! ❤

Then mix in the rest of the ingredients.


Green tea topping (:

You will end up with a really fragrant green tea dough 😉 I am a HUGE fan of matcha btw. I love EVERYTHING matcha 😛 I added more matcha than the recipe called for! Heehee.


Final proofed bread dough! Love how smooth it is!

After one hour your dough magically proofs twice the size! This is why i love making breads. So amazing to watch them grow. Hahahaha!

Similar to that of the normal polo buns..


Rolling them in sugar

Flatten the topping and wrap over the bun, leaving the bottom uncovered. The only thing different about these is that you cover it with granulated sugar!


I think the colour makes it really appetizing 😛

Score them as usual.. and bake at 180C for 12 mins!


Enjoy 😉

Tahdah! Matcha Polo Buns.

I love polo buns. I love matcha. So whats not to love about this?! Heheh. Have fun baking these y’all!

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