Apple Chips

My sisters and i went to the botanic gardens for a picnic today. And we supposed to each bring something along.

My sisters prepared sandwiches and a salad. We’re not big eaters so i decided to make a snack that is light. Thought something like a muffin would be too much, along with the sandwich. So i had a brilliant idea!


Apple chips 😉

Well technically there’s no recipe for this because all you need is apples! I used granny smiths 🙂 Any apples you like will do fine!


I cored my apples! But you can leave yours there and just slice it anyway. Some people like their seeds still in tact.


Slice up em! I don’t have a slicer so i sliced it by hand instead. A slicer would save so much time. A slicer is officially on my wants list. Hahaha.


Lay your apple slices on your baking sheet. Don’t overlap them cos they tend to stick together. Bake them at 225F for 1.5 hours or until crispy, turning the apple slices over at halftime. I sprinkled half my batch with some cinnamon.

You can flavour it with whatever you like really! But they do taste awesome on their own. I have to warn you though, to prepare many apples! Because after they dehydrate, they seem really little. And because once you start eating them, you can’t stop! Not a single piece of apple chip was left from the picnic 😉


Half with cinnamon, the plain ones with a little salt!

Serve it with pretty much anything! I would say its perfect for a picnic. Heh. A dehydrator would have made things much easier though. Another gadget on my must-get list! Haha!

Guilt-free snacking. Oh Gawd, can’t get any better than this. Have fun making these guys 🙂


8 thoughts on “Apple Chips

  1. i like the way you cored your apples. its superb. how you did that? oh, do need to grease the pans first if im not using the baking sheets?

  2. hello ying! thanks 🙂
    i used a apple corer that looks like that

    you can get it almost anywhere!
    i dont think you should grease it?
    i mean it’ll seep into the apples and it’ll probably not dry out properly.
    just get baking paper then! it’s not expensive 🙂

  3. Hi Felicia

    I love browsing your website. Very well done up!
    Any Good Brand recommend for food dehydrator & apple slicer?


    • hi winne 🙂
      thank you! haha, i want a dehydrator myself.
      unfortunately i don’t have one!
      neither do i have a slicer.
      yeah i slice by hand and dehydrate it with my oven!

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